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What would you buy with $200 gift card?

We changed our Internet service again. This time to cut out things we
don't need and get a lower fee that we couldn't get before.

And with the new service comes a $200 gift card. But it can't be spent
just anywhere. It must be spent at a specific electronic store. So
what would you get?

I'm leaning towards a PS3 or an Xbox360. But I can't decide which one!

Yeah, the PS3 is more expensive up front, but if you have to pay for
Live, in the long run, it's actually cheaper. I guess it comes down to
what games you want to play. But aren't most big titles coming out on
both systems?

Then there's Blu-ray. Again in the long run, won't there be better
games on the PS3?

It sounds like I've already decided, but I spent some time on the 360
during the Game Show, and it was a lot of fun. So that's why I'm torn.


Well, that kinds sucks...

The school that I work at just had it's 30th anniversary ceremony.
Afterwards, everyone is going out to celebrate and wind down. Except
for me. I wasn't asked to go.

Sucks, huh?


There are sometimes problems on trains and subways involving "chikan"
or perverts. On crowded trains, these chikan will try and touch a
woman or on stairs and escalators try and get a picture from behind.

What would you do if you saw one in the act?

beautiful day

On a day like this, it's no wonder that all (most) of the students are
outside during lunch break.

One thing that always gets me is the outdoor basketball court. It not
even paved! They play over dirt! That's hard core. Off-road basketball!

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (10/7)

Here's that Naruto game we played. Earlier clips had me believe we'd
be controlling animated cells. But this video and today's demo showed
it's better than the Dragonball Z series, but not like contolling the
anime. But it's pretty darn close.



the end

Yea, we're already home. I didn't take as many pics as I wanted. Once
we reached the Sony booth, there were No Picture signs everywhere. We
did get to play Naruto Storm (I'll find a video and post it
afterwards) and Motorstorm 2, among others. Yu-chan almost beat me in
Naruto though. It came down to the last punch.

The pic is of the stuff we brought home. From the show, we only got
flyers and some postcards. We also did some shopping on our way back. ;/


We're being unindated with Xbox ads while we wait to play Biohazard 5.
I can't help but want an... Xbox. Must... resist...the...ads...

up first

Tenshin 4
It looks incredible for a Wii game


We've arrived and already at the station it's already crowded.

Human bobsled vs. motorcycle

Ran into this while reading a blog about Japan. If you like racing,
you might enjoy it.



weekend plans

Another random holiday is coming up making it another 3 day weekend!

And as you can see, we've got plans.
( *_^)d

Is there anything I have to be sure to check out? Actually, I haven't
been keeping up with my game habit as I used to. The only gadget news
I keep up with are iPhone news (for updates) and the new DSi. Now that
I don't read about every little thing about games, I find myself with
lots of time. But you know, as you announce these kinds of "lifestyle
changes" you have to check in after a couple of weeks to make sure the
change has stuck. (^_^;)

There is supposed to be a preview trailer of the CG Resident Evil/
Biohazard movie. That and I want to try out the new Wii Sports Resort
with the new add-on that supposed to make the Wii remote 1-to-1
responsive. Other than that, just there to bathe in the geekiness.

Of course, the other ticket is for the missus. She actually really
interested in the new DSi. I wonder if it'll be at the game show.